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To support Japanese firms in developing their businesses globally, Frontier Management responds to diverse needs from issue discovery to strategy execution. Leveraging the talents of members with abundant consulting experience in various locations, as well as a network that spans a wide range of locations including Shanghai and Singapore, Frontier Management provides a full-service package to corporate clients expanding or moving into other Asian markets. To support companies moving into the China market, we offer everything from consulting to practical support after the move. For clients advancing into the ASEAN region, we offer a palette of services, with focus on M&A advisory support. In cross-border M&A, our service menu extends from consulting at the exploratory stage to M&A advice and management support after project implementation.



FMI conducts basic market research for companies entering overseas markets for the first time or launching new businesses, providing feasibility assessments and an initial direction for the business.

FMI performs multifaceted analysis of the operations of local affiliates from a business standpoint, financial standpoint, and other perspectives to help the client determine a policy moving forward—whether business expansion, business reconstruction, or withdrawal.

FMI uses its local networks to provide comprehensive support for clients entering new markets, seeking to expand their business, or seeking to bolstering local sales through alliances with local companies. Our support covers everything from identifying partners to facilitating alliances.


Consultants with elite industry and overseas business expertise provide comprehensive support ranging from developing overseas business strategies to support in executing such strategies.

Drawing on its partner network, FMI provides comprehensive business support that includes company establishment for overseas market entry, tax administration, organizational structure construction, sales channels, and more.

FMI provides support to ensure smooth business operations, including organizational design at local affiliates, organizational restructuring, HR systems construction, personnel and labor risk management, and corporate governance reforms.

M&A advisory services

FMI provides integrated support for the full range of processes and procedures, from finding and selecting sellers, buyers, and merger partner candidates to financial, legal, and business due diligence, structuring, corporate value assessment, drafting and negotiating various contracts, and government procedures for establishing joint ventures.

FMI assists clients restructure for organizational reforms, develop governance systems, execute organizational restructuring, and sell off non-core businesses when necessary.

FMI helps clients formulate plans for business restructuring or withdrawal/liquidation of unprofitable businesses. FMI also helps clients negotiate with creditors and joint venture partners and execute withdrawal and liquidation procedures.

Post-entry administrative support

FMI helps clients formulate and execute an integration plan following M&A or joint venture establishment and provides support for the smooth construction and integration of organizational structures.

We provide comprehensive support for government procedures related to factory expansion, new business launch, and withdrawal, including document preparations, negotiations with government agencies, and more.

FMI assists clients in making local affiliates profitable by researching potential efficiency increases, surplus assets and unneeded expenditures, and reducing costs.

Cross-border M&A Support

Pre-M&A Support

Support to analyze the positioning of overseas business given the enterprise-wide strategy, Analyze its strengths and weaknesses, and set its medium-term financial targets.

Help to plan investment strategies by regions / countries and by products/services.

Help to optimize strategies of expanding business into foreign markets, i.e. wholly owned operation, business alliances, capital investments, joint ventures, and M&A.

Help to select markets to withdraw and consider its process and structure, given market environment and enterprise-wide strategy.


Conduct market analysis to research the attractiveness and the dynamics of a specific market by studying the market elements such as macroeconomic trends, market size, and growth profile, supply chains, value chains, business practices, and key players.

Compile a target list; create a long list, aligned with the market strategy, and conduct feasibility study including impact on financial statements.

M&A Advisory Services

Manage the project throughout M&A process.

Set project objectives and advise over choosing the suitable deal structure for each country.

Manage the overall schedule, such as due diligence and documentation, and work as a liaison between stakeholders.

Plan and execute negotiation strategies over terms and conditions, in addition to valuations.

Post-M&A (PMI) support

Development of Integration blue print, Day1 plan, Integration plan (Day100 plan) and Communication plan.

Formulation of business strategy for outbound business, including mid-term business plan.

Design of operating structure involving the GHQ (Global Headquarters) and target business, Governance, including delegation of authorities and decision making bodies/processes.

Design and implementation of business performance management cycle and processes involving GHQ and target business.

Design and implementation of Integration Management Office, including monitoring, tracking, reporting and coordination of activities in work streams.

Support for Chinese market entry

Team of specialists with extensive practical experience and a broad-ranging network

FMI members with expert knowledge of Chinese markets draw on our broad-ranging local networks (including prominent financial institutions, legal and accounting firms, research firms, and investment funds) to provide highly effective services.

Solution and coordination capacity in China

For problems unique to business in China, from accounting and debt collection to government procedures, labor, and intellectual property, FMI coordinates with stakeholders to quickly devise solutions and provide robust support for smooth local business operations.

Full-package support

FMI provides a full package of support for Japanese companies (clients) seeking to enter or withdraw from China or expand or integrate their local affiliates, ranging from initial market research to devising strategy, capital alliances (M&A), and post-merger integration support.

Support for ASEAN market entry

Development of original local projects through joint efforts with major ASEAN players

FMI develops original M&A projects with ASEAN companies by collaborating with prominent financial institutions, accounting firms, and independent advisory firms with extensive local knowledge.

Focus on small and mid-size projects

Many leading companies in the ASEAN region would be classified as small or medium-sized by Japanese standards, so we focus on small and mid-size M&A deals, where information tends to be limited, despite strong need from Japanese companies in this area.

Hybrid model: Consulting combined with M&A advisory services

FMI offers full-scale support with both M&A advisory services and consulting capable of accommodating even those companies developing business in ASEAN through joint ventures or alliances.

Cross-border M&A Support

Strong team to support cross-border M&A (A large number of our professionals possess experience in cross-border M&A and/or hold US C.P.A certificate.)

Capability of management consulting enables us to provide M&A strategy planning to our clients, which is not necessarily driven by M&A deals, before entering actual M&A phase.

Capability to extend our services throughout a project, from deal sourcing to execution.

A wide range of regional coverage, including China, Southeast Asia (ASEAN countries), India, North America, Europe and others.

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