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Against a background of increasing sophistication in management and rising demand for business succession, the opportunities for management execution are diversifying. To adapt to these circumstances, Frontier Management even dispatches management teams, including CEOs and CFOs, providing permanent management executive support. 

Support through the dispatch of management teams including the CxO

We send our senior-level talent with abundant management experience as the executive management to our clients together with our junior-level, high-functioning staff in order to ensure speedy management

We basically maintain full-time staff at our client entities thereby allowing a number of our staff to take on the role of management and corporate planning, which, in turn, contributes to the reinforcement of management.

Dispatch of turnaround managers

When a turnaround requires someone to adjust the interests of multiple stakeholders, we dispatch a fully-experienced turnaround manager to assist executive duties and see the issues through to their resolution, thereby contributing not only to our clients but also to the stakeholders and society in general.

From various surveys and analyses to support in the implementation of the 100-day turnaround to ensure “outcome”

In addition to identifying problems through business due diligence and formulating business plans, we provide support to execute the plan in 100 days from its inception.

We will build alliances and leverage our internal and external knowledge as well as various expertise in order to solve increasingly sophisticated and complex management issues.

Competitive Edge

Contributing to the enhancement of corporate value of entities in every stage from growing entities to entities requiring turnaround

We are committed to “Outcome = (Performance)”

A compensation system that is reasonable to both parties that combine fixed compensation and success fees can be set up, and business solutions may be offered that correspond to different stages in the time line.

A diverse and experienced team comprising a dozen professional managers

By forming an optimal team comprising those with experience of being turnaround manager who have been with us since the start of Frontier Management Inc. and experienced talent with management experience at business corporations, we seek to enhance the corporate value of our clients.

Based on hands-on support, unlike regular consulting services

As part of our varied hands-on service lineup, it is possible to form a customized team that combines in-house and outside professionals in response to client requests.

It is possible to have us flexibly take part in the client′s line of decision-making in order to ensure the speedy achievement of the desired outcome.

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