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Highlights of our track record in management consulting

Project Summary
  • Helped formulate overall bank BPR strategy (from BPR in narrow sense to revenue growth strategy (sales strategy))
  • Provided support and consulting for plan implementation
  • Created improvement plan that centered on contraction/withdraw from non-profitable businesses, strengthening sales capabilities for mainstay businesses, and rebuilding financial structure
  • Provided support and consulting for plan implementation
  • Support services for private liquidation with a repayment moratorium utilizing ADR procedures for business regeneration
  • Business/financial due diligence, creation of business regeneration plan and financial support scheme, support for negotiations with financial institutions
  • Business trustee and deputy trustee services for rehabilitation procedures
  • Full due diligence, creation of business regeneration plan and financial support scheme, support for negotiations with financial institutions
  • Response to procedures administrator for business regeneration ADR procedures
Transport industry
  • Prepackaged voluntary liquidation with bank sponsor
  • From business due diligence to creation of business regeneration plan, support for voluntary liquidation, and all business implementation processes
General electric
  • Management consulting and IR support centering on validity assessments for business policies
  • Debt IR support and comprehensive financial advice for improving financial structure
Electrical device manufacturer
  • Specification of priority policies for business expansion and creation of medium-term business plan
    Support for actualization of cost cutting plan, revenue growth plan, and management system reinforcements
  • Provided support for sales reforms as a priority policy of the revenue growth plan
    Launched sales reform pilot project in area of slumping performance and provided support for subsequent full company implementation
Electronic components
  • Designed indirect cost allocation rules and made costs transparent
  • Developed initial hypotheses to formulate strategic directions
Electronic components
  • Created structural reform measures based, as an emergency measure, on a pessimistic scenario
  • Subsequently devised further measures to improve business competitiveness and provided ongoing support for major revenue growth, restoring profitability for the first time in three terms
Precision devices
  • Created improvement plan based on contraction/withdrawal from non-profitable businesses, reinforcement of revenue management, and rebuilding of financial structures
Machinery manufacturer
  • PMI support for realizing group synergies after corporate acquisition
  • Created joint development plan and execution plan for integration/elimination of domestic and overseas sites
Machinery manufacturer
  • Consulting on devising strategy for external disclosure and medium-term management plan
  • Assisted in identifying the state of local overseas affiliates and operating a new planning division
Automotive parts
  • Helped formulate medium-term business plan and devise measures to strengthen administrative systems for business growth
  • Supported the priority policies of the business plan: execution of cost management, inventory management, sales management by product and the creation of an information systems framework
Synthetic resin molding
  • Regeneration support processes related to structural reforms with group company reorganization and debt IR with a view to financial assistance
Agriculture product manufacturer
  • Carried out business due diligence, created a regeneration plan, and oversaw company/fund/bank coordination to increase capital
  • Dispatched full-time onsite project members and led turnaround by establishing and administering structural reform committee and management advisory committee
Ship builder
  • Built systems for personnel, organizational, and divisional collaboration to enable the creation of long-term strategies and reliable implementation
  • Launched operations pilot for actual construction project
  • Actualized process/cost management by raising awareness in the management team and facilitating active sharing of information among divisions
Textile products
  • Provided consulting on creating a strategy for external disclosure and a medium-term management plan
  • Support for planning division administration in connection with normalization of policy management and PDCA framework innovation
Food products manufacturer
  • Support for assessing synergies with a view to an alliance with a processed foods company and for creating a collaboration plan
  • Consulting team and M&A advisory team provided integrated support up to and through the conclusion of an alliance agreement.
Food products manufacturer
  • Assisted in formulating solutions for multi-level logistics (manufacturer to wholesaler to retailer) in the Japanese food products industry (designed optimal logistics sites and transport networks to minimize inventory and transport costs)
Food products manufacturer
  • Assisted in PMI in connection with change in largest shareholder and in formulating growth strategy with new management team
  • Planned incorporation of various policies into action plan as part of efforts to promote growth strategy
Beverage manufacturing and sales
  • Assessed business feasibility and growth potential in connection with corporate acquisition; formulated medium-term business plan
Apparel manufacturing and wholesaling
  • Formulated medium-term management plan and assisted in its implementation in close coordination with group’s electronics business
  • Assisted not only with business restructuring, but with launching new businesses for medium/long-term growth
Apparel manufacturing and wholesaling
  • Assessed business feasibility of subsidiaries with a view to future sales
  • Supported structural reforms for profitability improvements; helped formulate medium-term management plan to achieve medium/long-term growth
Textile industry
  • Helped create and execute medium-term business plan and action plan for textile business
  • Assessed business feasibility of company in connection with corporate acquisition; calculated synergies with the company
Department store
  • Advice and due diligence support related to sale of affiliated company stock
  • Formulated medium-term plan primarily related to concentrating management resources in department store business, including investments in the flagship store
Department store
  • Helped create a growth strategy focused on shoring up the flagship store and fostering peripheral businesses
  • Assisted with the implementation of the above strategy, drawing on outside resources, like leasing companies
Restaurant chain
  • Helped create business plan for expanding China business through joint ventures
  • Provided advice on schemes, including joint venture format
Electronics retail store
  • Assisted in creating and executing the medium-term management plan, including dispatching full-time executive-class project members onsite
  • Acquired cooperation of financial institutions and helped lead the implementation of major strategy conversion
Discount store
  • Helped create medium-term management plan with structural reforms and growth strategy for presentation to financial institutions
  • Supported the implementation of above plan, including bringing on part-time onsite project members; helped facilitate communication between organizations
Home improvement center
  • Helped optimize store format to revitalize existing stores (product lineup better suited to competitive environment)
  • Assisted in formulating revenue plan incorporating the above into its main policies
Restaurant chain
  • Supported restructuring across multiple business units for improved profitability; helped formulate medium-term management plan and action plan to achieve medium/long-term growth
Drug store
  • Devised scenario for converting from structural reforms to a growth strategy and formulated an action plan
  • Assisted in processes from branding research to brand strategy creation

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