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Business revitalization

Frontier Management furnishes total support to companies looking to kick-start revitalization. Our services for these clients range from drafting of a business-revitalization plan through implementation support, reconciliation of interests with financial institutions and participation in management for reorganization (turnaround) to support for various business revitalization procedures.

Business revitalization

Drafting of business revitalization plans, formulation of action plans for the implementation of the plans, and monitoring

Drafting of financial assistance schemes and support in various negotiations with related parties

Drafting of capital policies and support in execution of various business restructuring transactions

Support in running the crisis Project Management Office

A full-time consultant will support the running of a companywide Project Management Office (PMO) that oversees responses to crises such as accidents and scandals.

Advice and support will be provided in investigating causes and coordinating prevention measures from a sound corporate management perspective.

Competitive Edge

Hands-on support from experienced professionals

A team with a wide range of professional backup including industrial analysts, strategic consultants, former investment bankers, lawyers, certified public accountants and tax accountants provide support in solving a wide range of issues in various fields.

Support provided by a team with a wide range of backup in an integrated manner

We support clients on various issues by assembling specialists including industrial analysts, strategic consultants, lawyers, CPA, and tax accountants.

Strong ties with financial institutions

We provide powerful support in coordinating with various parties in executing the financial assistance schemes.

We can provide valuable information in the drafting and execution of capital policies and alliance strategies.

We have at our disposal a network of potential investors and entities both in Japan and abroad cultivated through our M&A Advisory Services.

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