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Frontier Management and its affiliated companies (hereinafter “the Group”) provide management-support services, principally including management consulting, M&A advisory services and business revitalization support, as their core business fields.
Our group’s business consists of two mechanisms: 1 “consulting and advisory” and 2 “investment business”. The Group’s sales are divided into four categories: (1) management consulting, (2) M&A advisory services, (3) business revitalization support and (4) others.

*Sales breakdown

1. Management Consulting Business

We offer services related to management strategies, medium-term management plans, management execution through dispatch of management teams and due diligence.
One of key features of our consulting business is that the experienced analysts enable us to provide various solutions for each industry.
Business execution support demand is expanding against the background of the complex management environments.
Since their foundation, the Group have steadily built a corps of industry analysts and consultants with knowledge of a wide range of industries, as well as specialists deeply versed in their respective business fields. By sharing the knowledge and expertise of these specialists, the Group deepen their Group-wide knowledge of the industries to which each client belongs and expand the breadth of solutions they can offer. In this way the Group constantly improve the quality of their services.

2. M&A Advisory Business

For corporate clients contemplating M&A or reorganization, the Group provide comprehensive advice and assistance. Services in this area include tabling of M&A strategies, selection and approaching of target companies, a wide variety of due diligence (surveying and analysis), calculation of enterprise value, negotiation of contracts and terms and conditions, and handling of closing procedures (settlement, etc.).
As Japanese enterprises develop their businesses globally, client needs for cross-border M&A services are growing. To serve this demand, the Group actively recruit professionals with a wealth of results in cross-border M&A. We are also strengthening our framework for executing M&A projects while expanding our overseas network. For example, the Group have established subsidiaries in China, opened Singapore and New York Branches, and established relations with partners in India.
Recently many owner-managed companies in Japan are struggling with issues of succession. As a result, the adoption of M&A as a solution for business succession is on the rise. The Group are fortifying their framework for addressing these needs.
To serve the need for support for post-M&A integration (PMI), the Group are reinforcing their systems for delivering effective PMI support.

It has branches in New York and Singapore, offices in Paris and Ho Chi Minh City, and a branch in Singapore.In addition to having a subsidiary in Shanghai, we have built a network of affiliated firms around the world.

3. Revitalization Support Business

The Group are pleased to offer total support in business revitalization, from drafting of a business-revitalization plan to implementation support, reconciliation of interests with financial institutions, participation in management for the purpose of reorganization (turnaround) and support for various processes associated with revitalization.
A key feature of the Group’s revitalization-support business is the hands-on support they offer for management innovation (support for implementation of management innovation by permanently seconded staff). At the Group, “Hands-on management innovation support” means the dispatch of consultants accomplished in management innovation (turnaround) to serve as members of the corporate client’s management team, providing direct support for the execution of revitalization plans and management innovation. Companies need management innovation not during business-as-usual but in times of crisis; if management innovation (turnaround) is poorly implemented, business failure (cessation of business) becomes a real possibility. Mindful of these high stakes, the Group commit fully and directly with the client to draft the revitalization plan and implement management innovation, seeing the project through to realization.

4. Other Business

In their business-revitalization, and M&A advisory operations, the Group mobilize seasoned professionals from a wide range of backgrounds. Lawyers, accountants, tax counselors and other specialists in various systems conduct surveys (legal, financial and tax due diligence) and provide advice related to their respective systems regarding business revitalization plans, M&A and reorganization. To provide education and training to the executives and employees of business companies and financial institutions alike, the Group operate the Frontier Business School. Through FCD Partners Inc., an affiliate of the Group, the Group offer financial support (investment) via funds.

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