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Integrated Management Support for Clients

Seamlessly integrated support tailored to the needs of each case

Frontier Management’s distinguishing feature is its one-stop support for corporate clients, made possible by assembling teams of experts in a diverse range of fields.
By flexibly combining management consulting and M&A advisory services, Frontier Management enables integrated management support from beginning to end in a wide variety of scenarios.

One-Stop Enterprise Support from a Diverse Professional Workforce

Frontier Management is a collection of professionals possessing a wide range of knowledge and experience, providing one-stop support for corporate clients from consulting support to legal and financial due diligence.

Hybrid Model Fusing Management Consulting with M&A Advisory Services

Focusing solely on either management consulting or M&A advisory services narrows the range of business solutions available to the client. Such specialization runs the risk of generating unneeded M&A, unprofitable “go-it-alone” revitalization programs and other unsatisfactory solutions.
By offering both of the business functions listed above, Frontier Management is able to offer the best possible management advice to corporate clients and their stakeholders. By flexibly combining and offering services conducted by these two business functions, the Company is able to offer integrated management support from beginning to end for a diverse range of deals.

Diverse Solutions

Frontier Management and its affiliated companies (hereinafter “the Group”) handle management consulting operations, M&A advisory operations, revitalization support operations and other operations. We can serve clients through any one of these business fields or any combination thereof that meets clients’ needs. Equipped with this wide range of solutions, the Group are able to lead each client to the overall best solution for that client’s needs and furnish seamlessly integrated support.
A proposal to enhance a client’s enterprise value from a company that deals solely in M&A may basically consist of nothing but M&A activity, while a proposal for the same purpose from a firm that specializes exclusively in management consulting may be limited to strategies for growth that are basically autonomous and independent of other companies. The advantage of the Group is that we offer a comprehensive portfolio of services, enabling us to table proposals suited to a broad range of client needs.
Today’s business environment is changing rapidly; globalization of capital and product markets, declines in the labor force, changes in legal and accounting frameworks. Businesses need a partner that can draw on comprehensive knowledge and information across numerous fields that are growing ever more complex and sophisticated.
In order to solve a complex business issues, consulting with specialists in each field may result only in the best individual solution that field can provide.
Groups of specialists with surpassing knowledge of their respective fields enable us to assemble the right team for each project. These experts work closely together to use specialized knowledge across multiple fields to find out the best solution. We at the Group support clients with integrated services.

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