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Management Consulting

The roster of consulting solutions Frontier Management offers includes proposal of management strategies (company-wide strategies, business strategies, function-specific strategies, etc.), support for medium-term management plans from drafting to execution, permanent support for management execution through dispatch of management teams and due diligence related to M&A (survey and analysis of business activities, etc.).

Support in formulating growth strategies, new business strategies, M&A strategies, etc.

Based on analyses of market attractiveness from a long-term perspective and an analysis of your company′s organizational capabilities, we provide practical support in formulating growth strategies including the creation of new businesses, business expansion into peripheral domains, re-growth of existing businesses, re-building business portfolios and M&A strategies.

Support in Business Process Reengineering (BPR) of various functions including sales, production, procurement and logistics

Professionals equipped with expertise will provide support in reinforcing the organizational capabilities of the sales, production, procurement, logistics functions/business units, etc., which will be required to execute growth strategies, through business process reforms and other means.

Solutions that utilize the latest technology of AI, IoT and FinTech

Adapting the latest technologies such as AI, IoT, FinTech to every industry and business category has become an urgent issue in today′s world, and we will leverage our knowledge of such latest technology to promote the creation of new growth opportunities and establishment of new business models.

Support in transforming the corporate climate in preparation for new growth

In an effort to realize growth strategies, we will accelerate the transformation of the corporate climate and the mindset, which despite previous efforts had resisted change due to internal and external constraints including an entity′s long history.

Competitive Edge

Commitment by professionals experienced in management to the outcome in growth areas

Our members with management and practical experience at business corporations from a wide range of industries including manufacturing, distribution, services and telecommunications will leverage their extensive experience to commit not only to the formulation of strategies for growth, new businesses and M&As but also to the outcome.

Indicating a long-term vision based on industrial and technical knowledge

By indicating a long-term vision based on forecasts of megatrends, forecasts of changes in industrial structures and information on technological innovation acquired through proprietary research and analysis, we will support your growth and help you navigate the radical changes in the business environment.

Knowledge of the capital markets, including such matters as the Corporate Governance Code

We have professionals who have worked in securities firms, banks and audit firms capable of supporting the formulation of strategies and conducting communications in line with the demands of the capital markets, such as compliance with the Corporate Governance Code.

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