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Yoshiaki Shiraishi

Executive Officer

Yoshiaki Shiraishi

In 2007, he joined Shin-Nihon Limited Auditing Corporation (now Shin-Nihon Limited Liability Auditing Corporation), belonged to the International Department, and joined Frontier Management Inc. in 2012.

At Shin-Nippon Audit Co., Ltd. he engaged mainly in the audit for foreign firms’ subsidiaries located in Japan such as major U.S. precision parts manufacturers, telecommunications companies, and petroleum companies.At the major U.S. precision machinery manufacturers, he was primarily responsible for auditing financial statements and evaluating internal controls in accordance with Japanese and U.S. accounting standards.
At Frontier Management Inc. he is in charge of supporting the formulation and implementation of mid-term plans by utilizing his accounting skills as a Certified Public Accountant.In addition, he engages in a variety of consulting services such as examining the long-term vision and M&A policies for high-tech manufacturing, consumer goods and services driven by his expertise in a wide range of industry knowledge.

Graduated from Keio University (Faculty of Economics)
Certified Public Accountant

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