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Koichiro Tanaka

Managing Director

Koichiro Tanaka


Koichiro Tanaka joined INCS Inc. (now SOLIZE Corporation) in 2006. After graduating from Keio University Graduate School of Business Administration (MBA) in 2012, he joined Frontier Management Inc. in the same year.

Career Overview

When Mr. Tanaka was with INCS Inc., he undertook full procedure analysis involving every step from design, procedure design, CAM, through to processing and finishing, primarily for automobile and automotive parts manufacturers, and was also engaged in projects including the creation of IT and business operation frameworks, as well as the definition, standardization, introduction, and dissemination of IT requirements in order to achieve those frameworks.

At Frontier Management Inc., he has engaged in a wide range of projects including companies’ growth, withdrawal and turnaround business plans and the formulation of M&A strategies and implementation support for companies handling automotive parts, electronics, electronic parts, industrial goods, construction and building materials (including manufacturers and trading companies); the establishment of concepts and actual integrated global sales organizations for mid-sized manufacturing businesses; the creation of new business concepts and their implementation support, including cooperation with other companies; and support for electronics business withdrawal and revitalization.

Academic Background

Waseda University (Bachelor of Science and Engineering).
Keio University Graduate School of Business Administration (MBA).
Associate Turnaround Professional.