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Michihisa Kurenuma

Managing Director

Michihisa Kurenuma

Michihisa Kurenuma joined The Sanwa Bank, Ltd. (currently The Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, Ltd.) in 1994, and moved to Morgan Stanley Securities (currently Morgan Stanley MUFG Securities Co., Ltd.) in 2005 and HSBC in 2009. After serving as a consultant at an advisory firm, he joined Frontier Management Inc. in 2016.

At Sanwa Bank, he was mainly engaged in structured financing and was also volved in the bank’s capital operations for Basel II. When on loan to Keidanren, he was also engaged in the overseas dispatch of business missions and the preparation of Keidanren opinion documents.

He took charge of marketing of securitized products, such as CMBC, RMBS, ABS, and CDOs for Morgan Stanley, and of various financing projects for real estate, LBO, and aircraft for HSBC.

At an independent advisory firm, he delivered various advisory services in M&A, consulting and corporate revitalization projects.

At Frontier Management, Mr. Kurenuma is in charge of the marketing of business consulting and M&A projects and client relationship management in the Business Development Department.

University of Tokyo (Bachelor of International Relation). ILSC Business course.

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