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Toshiaki Kondo

Managing Director

Toshiaki Kondo

Toshiaki Kondo worked at the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd. (now MUFG Bank, Ltd.), where he was involved in corporate marketing and corporate and industrial research. In 2010, Mr. Kondo joined Frontier Management Inc. He was appointed managing director in 2016.

During his tenure at MUFG Bank, Ltd., Mr. Kondo worked in the Business Owner PB Planning Office for over 10 years, where he was regularly placed in charge of the consumer goods sector (distribution, foodstuffs, transport, apparel, etc.). He handled the corporate and industrial research on this sector. He also worked on a number of projects that were part of the research operations, including projects for formulating business strategies and making business improvement and M&A proposals to target companies.

At Frontier Management Inc., Mr. Kondo was involved in a broad range of projects, from developing upstream strategies to the actual operations and circumstances surrounding the execution of business in the distribution and consumer goods sectors. He helped formulate and implement medium term management plans for a department store affiliated with a large electric railway company. He was also involved with projects for strengthening the BPR and operating activities for financial institutions, and a project for a mid-tier apparel company involving the brand re-establishment and operational reform of store-front activities and circumstances surrounding purchases. He helped develop a new business for a boxed lunch vendor, conducted business diagnosis for a mail order retailer that carries baby wear, provided support for the cost management and sales of a food supplier, and provided support in formulating a management strategy for a shopping center. In addition to these projects, Mr. Kondo was involved with a project to help draft medium term management plans for a regional department store, a project to help draft medium term management plans and business reform for a miscellaneous goods retailer, a project for the voluntary debt adjustment of a food supplier, and the provision of support for buyers operations reform and operations reform for a leading retailer.

Mr. Kondo is responsible for developing training programs to strengthen corporate marketing and serves as an instructor for seminars for regional financial institutions, drawing upon his extensive experience and practical know-how in both banking and consulting businesses.

“A Study on the Perception of Business Feasibility Evaluations” for the No.149 edition of Business Rehabilitation and Claim Management (July 5, 2015, KINZAI)

Keio University (Faculty of Business and Commerce)

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