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Masayuki Iwamoto

Managing Director

Masayuki Iwamoto

Masayuki Iwamoto joined Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry(METI) in 2006. At METI, he worked on general operations and legislation in the fields of trade policy and trade management policy. In 2012, he joined Dream Incubator Inc. and has been engaged in many consulting project for strategy planning, new business planning, and organization / structure creation for innovation driving. His clients were Japanese leading companies in various industries. In 2022. He joined Frontier Management Inc in 2022.

At METI, he worked on writing White Paper on international trade(2007,2008), law revision related to Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Control Law, and formulation of government economic outlook(seconded to Cabinet Office).

At Dream Incubator Inc., he has been engaged growth strategy planning consulting, new business planning consulting, and innovation driving consulting for Japanese leading companies in various industries. He has several track records of creating new business. He also has track records of creating organization / structure for innovation driving with two large companies.

At Frontier Management Inc., he is a leader in the Innovation Support Team of the Management Executive Support Department, and is engaged in support for the development of new businesses and the promotion of innovation in a wide range of fields, from large companies to mid-sized companies, and even ventures.
In particular, focusing on regional revitalization and local innovation through supporting the development of new businesses by regional core companies.
It is also engaged in industrial and social value creation activities that transcend the framework of consulting. These include the "DX of the innovation process" through collaboration with tech ventures and the promotion of regional revitalization on a business basis in collaboration with key stakeholders in the region, such as local national universities.

Kyoto University(Bachelor of Science).
Kyoto University Graduate School of Science(Department of Mathematics).

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