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Yoshiki Nakamura

Executive Officer

Yoshiki Nakamura

Yoshiki Nakamura joined ShinNihon Auditing (currently Ernst & Young ShinNihon LLC) in 2005 and was engaged mainly in financial due diligence and support for the adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards and the establishment of internal controls. He subsequently joined Frontier Management Inc. in 2012.

At ShinNihon Auditing, he was engaged mainly in M&A financial due diligence services and support services for the adoption of IFRS and the establishment of internal controls, focusing mainly on statutory audits and audits of English financial statements of clients such as consumer product manufacturers, including a cosmetics manufacturer listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and its group companies.

At Frontier Management Inc., he has been engaged in turnaround support services in a wide range of industries, including the entertainment industry, the cosmetics retail industry, regional supermarkets, plastic molding manufacturers, the automotive parts manufacturing industry, the construction industry, and industrial equipment manufacturers, as well as support services for the development of medium-term management plans in the condominium furniture and fixtures manufacturing industry, the construction machinery and parts manufacturing industry and the leisure facilities operation industry. He has also been engaged in financial due diligence services for acquisition and minority investment transactions, and restructuring and integration among regional banks in a wide range of industries including the service sector, automotive parts manufacturing industry and the industrial equipment manufacturing industry.

In turnaround support services, he played a leading role in numerous out-of-court workouts and financial institution adjustments and responses in cases involving SME revitalization support services.

Writing including coauthoring Gyoushubetsu kaikei Jitsumu Guidebook (“Guidbook for accouting work by industry”, Zeimu Kenkyukai,2011), Shukan keiei Zaimu (“Weekly Report on Financial Accounting”, Zeimu Kenkyukai, 2010), Shukan Shogyo (“Cosmetics Industry Weekly”, Shukan Shogyo Publishing Co., Ltd., 2012), coauthor of Turnaround Manager no Jitsumu (“All About Business Turnaround ADR”, Shoji Homu, 2015), and coauthoring Hoteki Seiri Keikaku Sakutei no Jitsumu (“The Practice of Drafting Plans for Private Liquidation”, Shoji Homu, 2016). Lecturing at various events like the Japanese Association of Turnaround Professionals.

University of Tokyo (Urban Engineering). Certified Public Accountant

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