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Yoshinao Kawashima

Managing Director

Yoshinao Kawashima

Yoshinao Kawashima joined KPMG AZUSA LLC(formally known as Asahi & Co) in 1997, followed by M&A department of Daiwa Securities Group in 2006 providing M&A advisory service of both domestic and cross-border throughout its career. He joined Frontier Management Inc. in 2022.

In his carrier of Daiwa Securities, he led the following transactions. Sold listed stock of electronics company owned PE funds through TOB, merger between notable steel makers, business integration of major non-ferrous companies after a part of business split, business divestment of machinery company, acquisition of US steel company by large steel company, minority investment to listed Singapore company by steel trading company, divestment of shares of overseas company owned by listed non-ferrous company, acquisition of German company by machinery company, acquisition of UK engineering company by machinery company.

Bachelor of commerce in Otaru University. Certified Public Accountant

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