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Shinji Hikoe

Executive Officer

Shinji Hikoe

Shinji Hikoe joined The Daiei, Inc. in 1991, where after three years in retail sales he became exclusively involved in corporate planning, becoming Divisional Manager of Affiliated Business Planning Division in 2005. He went on to become Divisional Manager of Corporate planning Division and Divisional Manager of Finance Division, among other positions. In 2008 he joined am/pm Japan Co., Ltd., where he was appointed as General Manager of Corporate Strategy Division and later as General Manager of Sales Division. Mr. Hikoe joined Frontier Management Inc. in 2009 and was appointed as Managing Director in 2011.

At The Daiei, Inc., Mr. Hikoe was responsible for many complex internal and external coordinating tasks involving all aspects of management, including business plans, managing budgets, the reorganization, management and sale of subsidiaries, liquidating real estate assets, coordinating with financial institutions, and filing for the application of the Industrial Revitalization Act. He concurrently served as a Director of OPA Co., Ltd. and other Daiei subsidiaries.

At am/pm Japan, Mr. Hikoe used his prior experiences to revitalize the sales of the company by studying potential new businesses, developing sales strategies to be implemented by the retail business planning division, and managing franchise owner debt.

At Frontier Management, Mr. Hikoe proposes management strategies, provides advice on business administration, and assists with negotiations among stakeholders, primarily for retail and restaurant companies. As part of management support services, he was also stationed at Kojima Co., Ltd. as Executive Officer and General Manager of the Corporate Planning Office for about eighteen months to support overall corporate planning operations until handing over his duties to his successor inside the company.

Kagawa University (Bachelor of Economics).

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