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Hirokazu Funahashi

Managing Director

Hirokazu Funahashi

Hirokazu Funahashi joined The Daiwa Bank, Limited (now Resona Bank, Limited). He worked on consolidated settlement and bank integration projects in the Finance Department and the Planning Department in the head office after handling financing in the branch offices. He was seconded to Resona Capital Co., Ltd. in 2003. In 2004, he joined Global Management Directions Limited (now KPMG FAS Inc.). He was involved in projects including business restructuring, PMI and JV setup support in addition to business revitalization in regions other than Tokyo. He was stationed at the London office of KPMG from 2009 to 2012. He subsequently handled a number of cross-border projects. In 2019, he joined Frontier Management Inc.
He was appointed as an independent outside director of Maruzen CHI Holdings Co., Ltd. in 2021.

Hirokazu worked on loan and consolidated settlement projects in the Finance Department of the head office and on the bank integration projects in the Planning Department at Resona Bank. At Resona Capital, he created investees and screened investments. He implemented three investment projects in six months, two of which led to IPOs.

At KPMG FAS, he mainly handled regional revitalization and cross-border projects as a member of the restructuring team. He supported revival plan development for general contractors in local areas; helped Japanese-style hotels in local areas/music software retailers develop revival plans and select sponsors; supported the development and implementation of overseas business reorganization strategies for electronic manufacturers/automobile manufacturers/automobile suppliers/heavy industrial machinery manufacturers/media including the withdrawal and sale of overseas businesses; helped logistics companies establish JV/construct a PMI system after M&A/analyze synergy; and supported an advisory committee in connection with supplier global restructuring for automobile manufacturers in various projects.

He was the CFO of a restaurant company, a steering committee member of a department store, and was involved in the factory reorganization project of an automobile supplier company at Frontier Management Inc.

Co-author of Jissen Kigyo Jigyo Saisei Handbook (Nikkei Publishing Inc., 2015)

Yokohama National University, ,Bachelor of Economics(International Economics)
George Washington University School of Business, Accountancy (MBA)

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