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Yutaka Fujiwara

Part-time Advisor

Yutaka Fujiwara

Joined the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (currently the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) in 1987. After working at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy of Malaysia in 1994-2097, from 1997-2003, PFI, Special Zones for Structural Reform, and Marketing Tests were established in the New Industry Section, Distribution Industry Section, and the Cabinet Office, and regulatory reforms were promoted in such areas as medical care, education, and agriculture. In 2006-2009, as the Director-General and Counselor of the Environmental Economy Office, he was in charge of establishing and implementing a voluntary action plan and a system for domestic credit and emissions trading to achieve the 6% target of the Kyoto Protocol. From 2,011 to 2013, as the Manager of the Technology Promotion Division, the R&D tax system was expanded. From 2,013 to 2017, the Cabinet Secretariat and the Cabinet Office were responsible for planning and implementing the National Strategic Special Zones system in general. In 2019, he retired from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (Vice-Minister's Secretariat).

Graduated from the University of Tokyo, Faculty of Economics

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