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Risk & Crisis Advisory

Risk & Crisis Advisory (RCA) , supporting you in responding to crisis.

Delayed reaction or inadequate response to compliance risk such as fraudulent accounting and quality concern may threaten a company’s life. Now, Frontier Management Inc. based on our expertise and insights has launched the new team which is specialized in supporting crisis management.

Our Services

From the early stage of reacting to compliance risk to the later stage of preventing similar incident, we consistently assist our client surrounded by a wide variety of risk and crisis.

  • By conducting fact-finding work swiftly, we can suggest you how to react to a minor incident so as not to escalate into a major scandal.
  • We can perform continuously investigate into compliance issues like fraudulent accounting, bribery, violation of Anti-Trust or quality concern, and in advisory for crisis communication with financial institution, shareholder, government authority or news media after the investigation.

Advisory for strategic use of Intellectual Property Rights, IPR or License, is also RCA’s expertise, since the significance of IPR grows dramatically for these years.

  • RCA can probe whether or not client takes advantage of their IPR strategically, including the one which is granted License to a contracted entity.
  • By auditing client’s License and contract, we can probe fee calculation and payment periodically.

Features and Strengths

Less conflicted independent firm
With our domestic and global network, we can react promptly to client’s urgent matter.
Insightful and experienced members with a wide range of professional background
Upon the nature of project, our team is selected from and consisted of attorney, certified public/tax accountant as well as consultant from business sector. Senior industry analyst supports our execution.
Abundant business experience coupled with advanced technology
Our experienced professional member can support client immediately and skillfully by using up-to-date “digital forensics” technology.
Seamlessly continual support at the stage from fraud investigation to business turnaround
RCA and FMI offer seamlessly continual support not limited within fraud investigation but up to revitalization of collapsing business.


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Risk and Crisis Advisory Section: Shunsuke Saeki, Managing Director
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