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Post-M&A (PMI)

Post-M&A Integration (PMI) Support Services for the Sustained Growth of Japanese Companies


M&A has become a fully established means for Japanese companies to realize their growth strategies. Awareness of the importance of post-M&A integration (PMI) has also grown. However, for various reasons, PMI failures occur are commonplace: for example, due to lack of experience with overseas company management and a lack of focus on integration results. To make PMI a success, the first step is to establish a basic integration policy at an early stage, from a top-down orientation, not a work process orientation, and to come to an agreement with management at the target company.

Frontier Management’s PMI Support Services

FMI helps clients succeed at M&A and raise corporate value by assisting in processes ranging from PMI planning to execution and by supporting post-execution evaluation and supporting continuing improvements in organizational capacity.

Integration planning
Integration planning includes help in formulating an integration blueprint, a Day 1 plan, an integration plan (100 Day plan), and a communication plan.
Post-M&A business strategy
Support for post-M&A business strategy planning includes help rebuilding overseas business strategy post-M&A, formulating a medium-term management plan, and other measures.
Organization and governance design
Support for rebuilding the operating structure between headquarters and the acquired business post-M&A, and for designing a governance structure (reconstruction of governance policy, including authority and responsibilities, decision-making bodies and processes)
Developing the management structure
Assistance in building a headquarters management structure post-M&A (e.g., KPI design, developing a business and performance management processes)
Integrating business processes in each area
Support for integrating business processes, including processes for sales and marketing, R&D, procurement, production, logistics, and finance and accounting
Integration project management
Assistance in developing an integration project promotion system, executing project progress management via an integration management office (IMO)
Improving M&A organizational capacity
Support for post-evaluation of M&A results and processes, construction of M&A/PMI execution system, creation of an M&A playbook
Post-M&A business regeneration/reconstruction
Support for post-M&A performance improvement and business reconstruction (strategy/business model reconstruction, integration/elimination of businesses/functions/sites, business sale/withdrawal)

FMI Service Characteristics and Strengths

FMI Service Characteristics and Strengths

  • Comprehensive advice combining the expertise of industry-leading financial advisors and PMI consultants
  • Prioritization of policies from a strategic perspective, without overemphasis on process
  • Communication support based on extensive cross-border project experience
  • Support for regenerative PMI based on extensive hands-on experience in business regeneration

Member Performance Highlights

Designed overseas strategy, formulated integration plan, built an integrated management structure, and assisted in integration project management support for the M&A project of a European industrial device manufacturer
Helped design and establish post-M&A governance structure for European industrial goods manufacturer
Assisted in project management for implementation of new accounting system post-M&A for U.S. industrial goods manufacturer
Helped formulate post-M&A overseas business strategy for European chemicals manufacturer
Helped execute post-M&A organization/capital restructuring in Southeast Asia region
Helped create post-M&A integration plan and implement integration project management for integration of Japanese company held by major pharmaceutical manufacturer
Helped reform sales division for U.S. machine parts manufacturer after integration of Japanese corporation
Assisted in project management related to integration of Japanese corporation by European machine parts manufacturer
Assisted in business integration scheme planning and integration project management for Japanese food products wholesaler
Assisted in project management for establishment of joint holding company for Japanese media company
Helped develop more sophisticated group management structure after management integration by Japanese electronic device manufacturer
Helped formulate post-M&A business plan and assisted in monitoring activities for Japanese hotel
Helped create post-M&A business plan for Japanese logistics industry and food and drink service industry


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