Cross-Border Services – Support for Cross-Border M&A

Frontier Management has served clients through both management consulting and financial advisory services by leveraging our seasoned cross-border M&A advisors and strong global network. This comprehensive service structure enables us to support our clients in a "through the line" manner from pre-M&A consulting services to post merger integration support by integrating our unique line of services.

Service Lineup

Pre-M&A Support

Overseas business strategies planning

• Support to analyze the positioning of overseas business given the enterprise-wide strategy, Analyze its strengths and weaknesses, and set its medium-term financial targets.

Growth strategy comparison: M&A or organic growth

• Help to plan investment strategies by regions / countries and by products/services.

Market entry strategy

• Help to optimize strategies of expanding business into foreign markets, i.e. wholly owned operation, business alliances, capital investments, joint ventures, and M&A.

Market withdrawal

• Help to select markets to withdraw and consider its process and structure, given market environment and enterprise-wide strategy.


Market analysis

• Conduct market analysis to research the attractiveness and the dynamics of a specific market by studying the market elements such as macroeconomic trends, market size, and growth profile, supply chains, value chains, business practices, and key players.

Target-specific evaluation

• Compile a target list; create a long list, aligned with the market strategy, and conduct feasibility study including impact on financial statements.

M&A Advisory Services

M&A project management

• Manage the project throughout M&A process.

Transaction structure selection

• Set project objectives and advise over choosing the suitable deal structure for each country.

Transaction process management

• Manage the overall schedule, such as due diligence and documentation, and work as a liaison between stakeholders.

Negotiation strategy planning and execution support

• Plan and execute negotiation strategies over terms and conditions, in addition to valuations.

Post-M&A (PMI) support

Integration planning

• Development of Integration blue print, Day1 plan, Integration plan (Day100 plan) and Communication plan.

Business strategy planning

• Formulation of business strategy for outbound business, including mid-term business plan.

Organizational & Corporate / Group governance design

• Design of operating structure involving the GHQ (Global Headquarters) and target business, Governance, including delegation of authorities and decision making bodies/processes.

Business management process

• Design and implementation of business performance management cycle and processes involving GHQ and target business.

Integration project management

• Design and implementation of Integration Management Office, including monitoring, tracking, reporting and coordination of activities in work streams.

Our Strengths

Strong team to support cross-border M&A
(A large number of our professionals possess experience in cross-border M&A and/or hold US C.P.A certificate.)

Capability of management consulting enables us to provide M&A strategy planning to our clients, which is not necessarily driven by M&A deals, before entering actual M&A phase.

Capability to extend our services throughout a project, from deal sourcing to execution.

A wide range of regional coverage, including China, Southeast Asia (ASEAN countries), India, North America, Europe and others.

Partner Firms

Asia Pacific Ocean

• Singapore, India, China, South Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Australasia


• United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Bell Ghee, Finland


• The United States,Canada, Mexico, Brazil

Middle East

• Israel, United Arab Emirates


• Republic of South Africa