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Ryuichi Torii

Managing Director

Ryuichi Torii


Ryuichi Torii joined The Tokai Bank, Ltd. (now MUFG Bank, Ltd.) in 1990. In 2003, he joined GRACCHUS & ASSOCIATES, INC. and was appointed as a director. In 2004, he joined Aozora Bank, Ltd., controlling syndicate loan and structured finance projects. He joined Frontier Management Inc. in 2014.

Career Overview

Ryuichi was involved in corporate sales and loans of domestic branches throughout his 13-year career at Tokai Bank. His extensive track record includes negotiations with listed clients to reduce cross shareholdings and coordination of creditors/reinforcement of preservation/negotiations for collection for large-scale companies with poor business performance.

He provided project management including DD for bad debts/assessment of value of debts at GRACCHUS & ASSOCIATES.

He controlled corporate financing arrangements such as syndicate loans/securitized receivables and was involved in the formation of many projects during his ten-year career at Aozora Bank. Ryuichi handled numerous complicated deals including business revival financing, project financing, and financing for purchases.

After joining Frontier Management Inc., he mainly took charge of local financial institutes around Japan and provided diversified solutions for the financial institutes and their clients.

Academic Background

Aoyama Gakuin University (Bachelor of Economics). Certified Member Analyst of Securities Analysts Association of Japan, Certified International Investment Analyst