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Hitoshi Kuriyama

Executive Officer

Hitoshi Kuriyama


Mr. Kuriyama joined Daiwa Securities in 1984, and was assigned to Daiwa Securities Research Institute (now Daiwa Institute of Research) in the same. He subsequently worked as a sell-side analyst for five companies over a period of 26 years, joining CS First Boston’s Tokyo branch (now Credit Suisse Securities (Japan) Limited) in 1990, the Tokyo branch of BZW Securities Limited (currently Barclays Capital Japan Limited) in 1995, Goldman Sachs Japan Co., Ltd., in 1996, and Merrill Lynch Japan Securities in 1998. Mr. Kuriyama then joined AllianceBernstein Japan Ltd. in 2010 as a buy-side analyst. He became part of the Frontier Management Inc. team in 2012 and was appointed as Managing Director.

Career Overview

During the first 22 years of his professional career, from 1988 to 2010, Hitoshi Kuriyama served as an analyst in various fields of technology. The projects he has worked on cover an extensive range of domestic companies in technology-related industries, from home appliances to general electric appliances, electronic parts, precision machinery, and the game industry. Since 1994 he has consistently placed among the top three in the rankings of popular analysts in Japan's Nikkei Financial Daily and in the US-based magazine Institutional Investor.

In addition to developing models for analysis, assessment, profitability, and valuation that take into account the particulars of the pertinent industries, corporate cultures, and their histories, he has submitted recommendation decisions based on fixed-point checks, and since the mid-1990s has focused on using relative methods to valuate and analyze the corporate strategies of competitors in the U.S., Europe, Asia, and elsewhere. Drawing upon broad perspectives, Mr. Kuriyama has extensive experience engaging in direct dialogue with client senior management regarding the realities and ideals of the relevant industry as well as strategic decision making processes.

During his tenure from 1985 to 1988 at the Osaka branch of the Daiwa Securities Research Institute, he worked in industries directly related to people’s lives, such as pharmaceuticals, retail sales, textiles, and services. He drew upon his experiences researching relatively older companies and industries and then successfully applied them to newer technology-related industries. After beginning anew as a buy-side analyst upon joining AllianceBernstein Japan Ltd. in 2010, he was put in direct charge of upstream technology-related industries such as electronics materials. In addition, he expanded the scope of his research to include commodity chemistry and other fields.

Academic Background

Meiji University (Bachelor of Engineering).