Toru Nakamura

Senior Advisor

Toru Nakamura


In 1981, Toru Nakamura joined Tomen Corporation (now Toyota Tsusho Corporation) and was assigned to the Food Headquarters. Subsequently, he was transferred to the head office of Tomen Corporation do Brasil ltda. in Sao Paulo in 1992, the Chicago branch of Tomen (America) Corp. in 1996, the Food Headquarters of Tomen Corporation in 1998, and the Tomen Beijing Office in 2003. He then assumed roles as Director of Tomen Beijing and the Dalian Offices and as President of Tomen Tianjin Co., Ltd. before the company merged with Toyota Tsusho Corporation. In 2006, Mr. Nakamura became Vice President of Toyota Tsusho (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. In 2008, he was transferred to the Food Department and Food & Agribusiness Development Department of the Food & Agribusiness Division of Toyota Tsusho Corporation. In 2013, he joined Sanyo Foods Co., Ltd. and was assigned to the Overseas Division. In 2014, he joined Frontier Management Inc. and became its Managing Director. He was appointed Director and General manager of Frontier Management (Shanghai) Inc. (a wholly-owned subsidiary) in 2015.

Career Overview

After joining Toyota Tsusho Corporation, Mr. Nakamura was assigned to the Food & Agribusiness Division and undertook stockbreeding, food production and food trading. In an overseas corporation of the company, he undertook management, local trading and the development of new businesses.

In China, he joined a taskforce team when Tomen and Toyota Tsusho merged. Within the team, he was assigned to integration and personnel reorganization for offices, corporations and joint ventures. He subsequently became Director of the food division and managed food businesses throughout China, as well as supervising investment projects.

As the manager of the Food & Agribusiness Division within Toyota Tsusho Corporation, he engaged in formulating and implementing investment projects and acted as director of the related companies in terms of running corporate operations.

At Sanyo Foods Co., Ltd., he acted as Director of the Overseas Division and managed its business in the United States and China.

Mr. Nakamura is experienced and knowledgeable in the domestic and international food businesses.

Academic Background

Graduated from Hokkaido University’s School of Agriculture.