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Masaya Yajima

Executive Officer

Masaya Yajima


Masaya Yajima joined Andersen Consulting (now Accenture Japan Ltd.) in 1993. He worked as a Senior Manager responsible for finance before joining the Industrial Revitalization Corporation of Japan in 2004. He was Senior Manager for both the Investment and Loans Screening and Monitoring Group and the Professional Office. Mr. Yajima participated in the establishment of Frontier Management Inc. in 2007 and was appointed as Managing Director.

Career Overview

At Accenture Japan Ltd., Mr. Yajima worked at the FPM Division (Finance and Performance Management), where he was involved in the consulting business mainly in the areas of risk management and business administration for financial institutions. He provided advice in the area of development and introduction of risk management and financial product valuation models (risk capital allocation, etc), as well as in the areas of management control (management accounting, performance evaluation, capital policies, risk management, etc) and consulting for business reform.

At Industrial Revitalization Corporation of Japan, Mr. Yajima reviewed investments and loans and monitored all projects at the middle office, as well as being involved the Kanebo, Ltd. and The Daiei, Inc. projects as a member of the front office. He provided advice on drafting execution plans, operations improvement, product development process improvement, company-wide cost reduction projects, as well as advising for the Corporate Planning Section, manufacturing and retail sections and the Information Management Section. He was also involved in drafting business plans, shop & product strategies for Nakago, a subsidiary of The Daiei, Inc. department store. Co-authored Kigyou Saisei no Jissen (“Practical Corporate Revitalization”, Shouji Houmu, 2006).

Academic Background

University of Tokyo (Bachelor of Engineering).