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Shozo Yokoe

Managing Director

Shozo Yokoe


Shozo Yokoe joined an accounting firm in 1995 and became a registered tax accountant in 2002. After developing his career at other organizations, including Osaka Urban Industry Promotion Center in 2003, Mr. Yokoe started at Mirai Consulting, Inc. in 2009, where he teamed up with a number of experts, including lawyers, accountants, M&A advisors and consultants, to provide financial advisory services for reconstruction-type M&As in business reconstruction support operations. As a project manager, Mr. Yokoe engages with an operation, while handling voluntary and legal liquidation matters for which he builds reconstruction schemes, such as company splits and business transfers, and supports the implementation thereof.
Joined Frontier Management Inc. in 2018.

Career Overview

At Osaka Urban Industry Promotion Center, Mr. Yokoe engaged in support operations for startups and incubation manager services.

With respect to reconstruction-type M&As, he engaged in financial advisory services for voluntary liquidation and legal liquidation for a range of businesses, such as wholesalers, grocery stores, industrial waste disposal operators, construction companies, daily products manufacturers, food manufacturers, driving schools, money lenders, hotels, inns and medical corporations, as well as support for buyouts by members of golf courses that were subject to legal liquidation.

Mr. Yokoe took on other assignments while working on business rehabilitation support services for more than 10 years and was also in charge of MBO support services for subsidiaries of listed companies located in different regions.

Academic Background

Ritsumeikan University Graduate School of Economics (Master of Economics). certified tax accountant