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Akito Nakatsuma

Managing Director

Akito Nakatsuma


Akito Nakatusma joined Molten Corporation in 1989 and became the CFO of Molten U.S.A. in 1994. He became the manager of a high-tech department at Andersen Consulting (now Accenture plc) in 1998, associate partner of a manufacturing and distribution department at NTT Data Institute of Management Consulting Inc. in 2001, general manager of value chain solutions at Kurt Salmon Associates in 2008, and SCM solutions executive director at EY Advisory in 2011, executive vice president at Poplar Co., Ltd. in 2012, executive officer at the Compass Group in 2017, and COO at Mynews Holdings Berhad in Malaysia in 2018. He joined Frontier Management Inc. in 2019.

Career Overview

While at Accenture Japan Ltd, he was engaged in supply chain management projects including the optimization of the global supply chain for home electrical appliance manufacturers and logistics networks for office automation equipment manufacturers.

At NTT Data Institute of Management Consulting, Inc., he served as a manufacturing and logistics consultant, engaging in: business and IT strategy planning for the manufacturing and retail industries; the rearrangement of systems in the headquarters and shops for product line planning, sales forecasting, and merchandise replenishment in home electrical appliance retail stores, and the construction of inventory control logic for long tail retailing; the increase of the sophistication of retail support in the food distribution industry.

At MYNEWS (Malaysia) and Poplar Co., Ltd., he was a CVS management member leading business reforms such as business structure reforms, the development of centrally coordinating sales departments, the improvement of individual shop sales ability, as well as being responsible for creating merchandising plans based on big data analysis and establishing and integrating home-meal replacement ordering systems.

Academic Background

Waseda University (Bachelor of Education)