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Yosuke Motohashi

Managing Director

Yosuke Motohashi

Yosuke Motohashi joined Accenture Japan Ltd in 2001, and became a member of Frontier Management Inc. in 2012.

At Accenture Japan Ltd, he was a consultant specializing in the manufacturing and logistics sectors, and he consistently engaged in a range of activities involving grand design, business process implementation and deploy, along with consulting services on Information Technology (IT). He also played active roles on collaboration projects with Shanghai Office. He is experienced in consulting of company-wide budget control, merchandising innovation, efficiency enhancement for company management, business restructuring, company-wide IT management, and supply chain management.

At Frontier Management Inc., he has assumed full responsibility for delivering advisory services related to business strategies and implementation support involving long-term business planning along with the exploration of new business opportunities, as well as mid-term management planning. He is primarily responsible for manufacturing sector clients in industries such as chemicals, materials, electronic components, machinery, OEMs, automotive components, and electronics equipment. He has also been engaged in government-commissioned projects and advisory service involving business strategy planning for clients in the education, entertainment, finance and other service sectors.
As an M&A consultant, he has been involved in advisory projects of M&A strategy planning and execution of business due diligence in industries such as electronics, housing, electronic component/materials, and automotive components. One of his outstanding achievements was related to the stock transfer from Hitachi to ALSOK involving equities in Hitachi Security Service, and the acquisition of Suruga Bank shares by Nojima Corporation.

He has assumed a leading position in activities related to integrating ESG/SDGs into strategic goals, restructuring business portfolio segments, corporate value-enhancing practices supporting companies working on IR/SR, artificial intelligence in consulting services, research on cutting-edge technologies such as IoT, expertise development, and delivery method development.

Waseda Graduate School of Commerce (Master of Business Administration)
Exchange Program at China Europe International Business School (CEIBS), Shanghai, China

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