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Hideki Minooka

Managing Director

Hideki Minooka

After Hideki Minooka joined Parfums Christian Dior (Japon) K.K. in 2000 and was involved in the establishment of Dolce & Gabbana Japan K.K., he was engaged in management planning operations involving sales, M&A, strategic alliances, and overseas business expansion at Shiseido Company, Limited. From 2012, he was engaged mainly in financial consulting work at EY Advisory Co., Ltd. He joined Frontier Management Inc. in 2015.

At Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy Japan, Mr. Minooka was engaged in the sales and sales planning operations of the Christian Dior brand.

While at Dolce & Gabbana Japan K.K., he was involved in the creation of the Japanese subsidiary (sales officer).

At Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy Japan, Mr. Minooka was engaged in the sales and sales planning operations of the Christian Dior brand.

After gaining experience in various domestic sales channels as a subsidiary sales department manager, he was engaged in M&A, alliance operations and overseas business promotion in the management planning department of Shiseido Company, Limited.

At EY Advisory Co., Ltd., he was a member of the Strategic Direction & Corporate Finance team, where he was engaged in consulting tasks in strategy and finance areas, including providing support for the establishment of corporate management strategies, making investment decisions for M&A and other activities, and creating profit improvement plans and medium-term management plans.

At Frontier Management Inc., he has been engaged in various financial advisory services, including: the acquisition of Stone Brewing Co.,LLC by Sapporo U.S.A., Inc.; the sale of Pokka Create Co., Ltd. owned by Sapporo Group Foods Ltd. to C-United Co., Ltd. owned by The Longreach Group Inc.; the acquisition of YASUMA Co., Ltd. by POKKA SAPPORO Food & Beverage Ltd.; the transfer of the Tonkichi and Rive Gauche branded food businesses of Sapporo Lion (S) Pte. Ltd. to Kimly Food Products Pte. Ltd.; the sourcing of domestic winery importers by Sapporo Breweries Ltd.; the sale of ANGELICA Co., Ltd. owned by Sojitsu Corporation to WITH Holdings owned by T Capital Partners Co., Ltd.; the sale of Seitan Inc. to SNT CORPORATION by Hitachi Metals, Ltd.; the handover of Freesia Group businesses to White Room by Refactory; the acquisition of 40% of shares of PC Technology Co., Ltd. by T-Gaia Corporation; the sale of ReallyEnglish Japan to Nippon Sangyo Suishin Kiko by (UK); the sale of BUNKASHA PUBLISHING Co., Ltd., its affiliates and holding companies of Bunkasha called NSSK-C Co., Ltd. and NSSK-CC Co., Ltd. to Beaglee Inc. by Nippon Sangyo Suishin Kiko Ltd.; the sale of TIN PAN ALLEY CO.,LTD., co-managed by Shinsei Corporate Investment Limited and Création Capital, Inc., to World Investment Network Co., Ltd. by Shinsei Creation Partners; the sale of HOKUEI Co., Ltd. to Air Warter Hokkaido Inc. and Hokkaido Shatai Co., Ltd. by a fund of Shinsei Corporate Investment Ltd. and RISA Partners, Inc.; the sale of ASPLUND Co., Ltd. to World Investment Network Co., Ltd. by Tokio Marine Capital Co., Ltd.; the sale of Kagayaku Cosmetics Inc. to New Horizon Capital Co., Ltd. by Ant Capital Partners Co., Ltd.; the sale of TMG International, K.K. by Next Captial Partners Co., Ltd. to Prima Meat Packers, Ltd.; the sale of Accord Co., Ltd. to Vision Megane Co., Ltd. by Next Capital Partners Co.,Ltd.

Keio University (Bachelor of Law, Politics).
Keio University Graduate School of Business Administration (MBA).

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