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Kiyoshi Arai

Principal Adviser

Kiyoshi Arai

Kiyoshi Arai joined Fuji Bank, Ltd. (currently Mizuho Bank, Ltd.) in 1988. Worked in the Domestic Sales Department and the Headquarters Planning Department, he was transferred to JUKI Corporation in 2009, and became Fukagawa Branch Manager of Mizuho Bank in 2012 and Nagoya Chuo Branch Manager in 2015.
Appointed as Executive Officer and General Manager of Corporate Planning Department of Leopalace21 Corporation in 2017. Executive Officer and General Manager of General Affairs Department at Suzuden Corporation in 2021. And appointed as Principal Advisor of Frontier Management Inc. in November 2022.

At Mizuho Bank, Ltd., he was involved in the planning of non-performing loan (NPL) disposal in the Planning Department of the Head Office. And was involved in the formulation of guidelines for private liquidation and the establishment of the Banks’ Shareholdings Purchase Corporation at the Japanese Bankers Association.

At JUKI Corporation, he was engaged in formulating business plans as the deputy general manager of the general planning department. And engaged in fundraising through syndicated loans as General Manager of the Finance Department.

At Mizuho Bank Fukagawa Branch and Nagoya-Chuo Branch, he oversaw operations as branch manager and was engaged in solution sales to local small and medium-sized enterprises.

At Leopalace21 Corporation, as Executive Officer and General Manager of Corporate Planning Department, he was engaged in business planning, shareholder and investor relations, structural and organizational reforms, and ESG and CSR operations.

At Suzden Corporation, as Executive Officer and General Manager of the General Affairs Department, he was engaged in the promotion of diversity and the introduction of a human resources system.

At Frontier Management Inc., he was engaged in providing various solutions to financial institutions such as megabanks and their customers.

Tokyo University, Faculty of Economics

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