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Keiko Unotoro

Outside directors

Keiko Unotoro

Keiko Unotoro joined the Japan Fair Trade Commission (JFTC) in 1977. Appointed Chief Hearing Examiner in 2000, Director General, Trade Practices Department, Economic Affairs Bureau in 2007, Senior Deputy Secretary General, Secretariat in 2008, Director General, Economic Affairs Bureau in 2011 at JFTC.
She has engaged as a Part-time Lecturer, Senshu University Graduate School since 2000, Advisor of Oh-Ebashi LPC & Partners since 2012, Specially Appointed Professor of Toyo Gakuen University and Outside Director of OS Co.,Ltd., Outside Director of Ohba Co.,Ltd. since 2020, and Commissioner of Public Security Examination Commission since 2021. She became an Outside Director of the Board of Frontier Management Inc. in 2021.
She also was a Professor, Faculty of Business Administration, Toyo Gakuen University, Outside Director of Olympus Corporation, Outside Director of Bridgestone Corporation, and Outside Director of San-ai Obbli Co.,Ltd.

Keiko Unotoro graduated from The University of Tokyo with a bachelor’s degree in economics.

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