Electronics & Technology

The electronics sector continues to struggle with a challenging market in the face of intensifying competition and the focus of added value being shifted from stand-alone products to ecosystems, while global demand remains weak. Although major companies have taken steps toward structural reforms, including layoffs and loss recognition, they have yet to achieve significant results. Amid all this, each major electronics manufacturer has pressed its strategies forward, creating the impression of having transformed themselves into being capable of continually generating some level of profit, even as changes in the market environment continue. Some corporations, however, are now compelled to make fundamental reforms with outside help. Many service industries are believed to be undergoing drastic changes due to major technological renovations called IoT/AI. We will study how these industries will change and look at possible ways to exist in a collaborative manner in an ecosystem that integrates everything from materials and devices to services and contents.

Based on projected long-term megatrends of technology and economic conditions, we believe that it is essential for companies to construct and implement concrete strategies for internal reforms, business portfolio modifications, and M&A by viewing the situation from the perspectives of their three stakeholder groups—namely customers, shareholders and employees—and sharing these strategies along the way with the stakeholders. Together with our team members and their extensive backgrounds in diverse areas, we hope to be of assistance to our clients.