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Message from the Co-Presidents

Co-President Shoichiro Onishi


We powerfully support our corporate clients in our capacity as a comprehensive consulting firm.

Japan, which is already faced with the rebuilding of the Tohoku region, problems with its nuclear power plants, and financial troubles in the wake of the Great East Japan Earthquake, is also pressed with a number of political issues, including the implementation of tax hikes, energy policies, and participation in the TPP. Meanwhile, Japanese industry is also seeing an increasingly marked trend of production and sales bases shifting out of Japan into Asia, spurred on by reduced consumption accompanying population decline, an unprecedented rise in the value of the yen, and increasing electricity prices. In this period of turmoil, we are resolved towards furthering our comprehensive support of clients in their quest to transform and evolve their businesses forward, by offering business solutions such as consulting, M&A options, and support for strategies in Asia.

Co-President大西 正一郎

Co-President Masahiro Matsuoka


Bringing to bear multi-disciplinary knowledge from all social sciences to find the optimal solutions for our client companies.

Changing modes of business and management through corporate turnarounds, M&A, etc. certainly increases the value of client companies. That, however, is on a microeconomic scale. I believe that when viewed from a macroeconomic perspective, i.e., in terms of revitalization of industries and economic growth, such efforts accumulate and contribute greatly to Japanese society in general. Frontier Management Inc. does just that by combining, in its own unique way, its expertise in all sorts of specialized fields in the social sciences —law, finance, accounting, tax practices, economics, business administration, etc.— to provide the best solutions that meet the needs of our client companies. I believe that as the rules of the game for corporate management increase in their complexity, our opportunities to contribute to society at large will increase exponentially.

Co-President松岡 真宏