Overseas Business Support

Frontier Globalization Support (FGS) Robust support for Japanese companies’ overseas operations

FMI has supported Japanese companies’ growth in three main areas: 1) Implementation support-based strategic consulting; 2) high added-value financial advisory services; and 3) business regeneration advisory services based on rapid resolution and reconciliation of interests. Leveraging this accumulated experience and expertise, we’ve established a specialized unit that provides robust support for the overseas business development of Japanese companies.


With Japanese markets maturing and both markets and competition growing increasingly borderless, the most important issue today for Japanese corporate management is achieving success in global business operations. Developing business overseas presents many potential pitfalls, including ① growth well below expectations; ② continuing deterioration in performance; ③ failure to grasp the actual situation; and ④ a lack of M&A synergies. These problems are often poorly recognized; even if acknowledged, in growing numbers of cases, solutions are delayed and business value deteriorates for various reasons: (a) lack of personnel and experience; (b) absence of communication between local sites and headquarters/business divisions; and (c) strategy incommensurate with the company’s organizational capacities and inadequate strategy implementation.

Dedicated Unit Frontier Globalization Support (FGS): Objectives

Led by senior members with practical experience in overseas projects, FGS designs and executes the following based on the needs of the client: ① Structural and business process reforms; ② operating model construction; ③ management system reconstruction; ④ identifying actual circumstances (business due diligence at local sites); ⑤ assessment of business regeneration potential; ⑥ realizing an M&A strategy, and ⑦ support for PMI.
FGS engages in discussions in Japan and provides support for business implementation locally to offer realistic and highly practical solutions.